Javanese Wedding Ceremony


Javanese Wedding - Panggih Ceremony

The Panggih Ceremony:

The wonderful and mystical sound of Gamelan (a Javanese music instruments) accompanies a traditional sacred Panggih or Temu (means meeting) between a beautiful bride with her handsome bridegroom in front of a house decorated with ’Tarub’ plant decoration.

The bridegroom, accompanied by his close relatives (but not his parents who are not allowed to be present during the ritual), arrives at the house of the bride’s parents and stops at the gate of the house.

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The bride, accompanied by two elderly women, walks out of the bridal room. Her parents and close relatives walk behind her. Preceding the bride are two young girls, Patah, holding a fan. Two elderly women or two young boys are carrying two Kembar Mayang (bouquet ornament), about one meter of height. One woman from the bridegroom’s family walks forward and gives a Sanggan (a gift in the form of banana fruits and flowers put in a tray covered with banana leaves) to the mother of the bride, as a sign of appreciation to the hostess of the ceremony.

During the Panggih ceremony, the Kembar Mayang are brought outside the house and thrown away in a crossroad nearby the house, depicting all evil spirits should not disturb the ceremony in the house and its surrounding area. For decoration, one pair has been put on the right and left side of the couple’s wedding chair during the reception. Kembar Mayang is used only if the couple was unmarried before.

It should be noted that the couple’s parents are wearing the same design of batik (Truntum), meaning the couple should always have enough fortune for a good living. They are also wearing Sindur as waist sash. The red drawing in the Sindur with its curved edges means that life is like a river running through the mountains. The parents are escorting the newlyweds to the real life so they can build a strong family.



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