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This site grows contiously as it is build around the live of a Indonesian mixed couple and their 2 daughters. It started in 1995 with the marriage in Jakarta and has grown since then to a site that picks up every important aspect of our lives. It celebrates Unity in Diversity by showing the variety in our lifes and the differences in cultural backgrounds as well as the true sense of unity in our family life.

If you have questions or positive remarks regarding this website, please contact us and we’ll get back to you if and when possible.

Thank You - Dank je wel - Terima Kasih

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Java, the heart of the Indonesian Republic. An Orientation to the Culture and Traditions of Java.




  • The Island of Java Java is the fifth-largest island of Indonesia. With a population of 120 million people (65% of the total population in Indonesia) living on an area of 127569 sq. km (7% of the total Indonesian area), it is the most crowded island in the world..
  • Javanese Ceremonies Traditions that are celebrated within the culture of the Indonesian people on Java.
  • Mixed Marriage A mixed marriage is when two people from different cultural backgrounds or different religious traditions or faiths marry.