Javanese Tedak Siten Ceremony



Usually the ritual is organized in the morning in the front yard of the house. Except the parents and the family, some elderly people also present to give their blessing to the child. The required sajen / offering symbolizes a prayer to God to receive His blessing and protection, to receive blessings from the ancestors, to get protection from evil and to ensure that the ritual ceremony can be held in a good and safe atmosphere.

After the preparations have been done, the family (the parent, the child, and the relatives) and invitees gather together at the place of the ceremony.



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  • The Island of Java Java is the fifth-largest island of Indonesia. With a population of 120 million people (65% of the total population in Indonesia) living on an area of 127569 sq. km (7% of the total Indonesian area), it is the most crowded island in the world..
  • Javanese Ceremonies Traditions that are celebrated within the culture of the Indonesian people on Java.
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