Javanese Tarapan Ceremony


Tumpeng Party

A Javanese ceremony is traditionaly concluded with a Tumpeng party.

The table is set for a traditional Indonesian meal with Tumpeng Robyong, a yellow cone-shaped pile of rice with on top hard boiled eggs, trassi, onion and red pepper. There are seven types of side dishes: ayam ingkung (spiced fried chicken), telur rebus (hard boiled eggs), urapan sayur (mixed vegetables with coconut), sambal goreng kreni (meatballs in mildly spiced sauce), udang goreng (fried shrimps), perkedel kentang (spiced potato), perkedel jagung(corn croquettes) and rendang daging (Indonesian stewed beef).

The Tumpeng Gundul is a cone-shaped mountain of white rice without any side dishes

As dessert, traditional pastries are provided: lemper (filled roll of glutinous rice), spring roll, dadar gulung (filled pancakes), kue lapis (steamed Indonesian layer cake), pastel goreng (stuffed pies), risoles (stuffed and breaded pancakes). There are also different types of fresh fruits: bananas, oranges, mangoes, papaya, rambutan.

Tumpeng Robyong

Nasi kuning yellow rice
Ingkung / bekakak ayam seasoned fried chicken
Sambal goreng kreni daging cincang meatballs in mildly seasoned sauce
Udang goreng bawang putih / tepung fried shrimp
Rendang daging / semur daging Indonesian stewed beef
Telur rebus / pindang telur hard-boiled eggs
Urapan sayur mixed vegetables with coconut
Perkedel kentang spiced potato or corn croquettes

Tumpeng Gundul

Nasi putih white rice

Jajan pasar - Snacks

Lemper filled roll of sticky rice
Lumpia spring roll
Dadar gulung filled pancakes
Kue lapis steamed Indonesian layer cake
Pastel goreng stuffed pasties
Risoles stuffed breaded pancakes

Aneka Buah-Buahan - Fruit mix

Pisang banana
Jeruk orange
Mangga mango
Papaja papaya
Rambutan rambutan

The party starts with the cutting of Tumpeng rice cone.

The ceremony leader invites Jasmine, her parents and all guests to stand around the table. The table is covered with Tumpeng Robyong and Tumpeng Kalen.

Jasmine cuts the top of the rice cone (buceng) and gives it to the father. Then she takes a spoon of rice and some side dishes and gives it to the mother. Father and mother finally give Jasmine some of the other dishes.

When this is done, the other guests are invited to eat together.



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