Javanese Tarapan Ceremony


Sengkeran Ceremony

Jasmine can not leave her room (or the house) for 7 days following her first menstruation. She is sitting on a chair on which a white cloth is lying with some herbs. The hair is tied in a dot (chastity). It is not allowed to wash in the shower during that period. She is accompanied in that period by older women and by people with more life experience who give her valuable advice.

No fat and sugary food may be consumed. She is only allowed to eat white rice and the following side dishes:

  • Abon (dried fried meat)
  • Tempe goreng (fried soy beans)
  • Telur asin (salty eggs)

Hereby an acidic herbal drink (jamu kunir asem) is drunk with turmeric and tamarind. This drink is healthy, good for blood circulation and promotes a good smell.

  • Seven days in seclusion in a separate room.
  • Washing in a bath is not allowed and her hair is tied in a dot.
  • Accompanied by older women who give advice.
  • No sweet food allowed nor any other rich meal.
  • Only rice with simple side dishes.


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  • The Island of Java Java is the fifth-largest island of Indonesia. With a population of 120 million people (65% of the total population in Indonesia) living on an area of 127569 sq. km (7% of the total Indonesian area), it is the most crowded island in the world..
  • Javanese Ceremonies Traditions that are celebrated within the culture of the Indonesian people on Java.
  • Mixed Marriage A mixed marriage is when two people from different cultural backgrounds or different religious traditions or faiths marry.